Comodoro Apartments Tenerife

Harbour views, a central location and the beach just a hop, skip and jump away, the 3 star Comodoro Apartments in Los Cristianos were built with laid back holidays in mind. The pool and gardens take centre stage in the daytime with plenty of space to kick back and catch a few rays. Fancy a cold drink or tasty snack? No need to wander too far from your sun bed, there is a pool bar just a few steps away. Inside, the apartments are modern and spacious with tiled floors, whitewashed walls and comfy beds. You are all set to rustle up a cooked breakfast with an inroom kitchenette. If cooking is not on your holiday agenda, there is a bar/restaurant onsite with a full menu of tasty treats. The centre of Los Cristianos is just 200 metres from the apartments where you will find great shops and lots of restaurants. For a change of scenery, who not hop on the ferry and explore the island of La Gomera or take a walk along the promenade to the neighbouring resort of Playa de Las Americas. Discover why the Comodoro Apartments are a popular place to stay for a self catering holiday in Los Cristianos.

Property facilities

The Comodoro Apartments have all the facilities you would expect from 3 star apartments in Tenerife. Highlights include: An outdoor freshwater pool bar, sunbathing terrace with sun beds and parasols, kids pool, bar/restaurant, 24 hour reception, WiFi access and parking.

Room facilities

The Comodoro Apartments has 166 guest units, consisting of studios and one bedroom apartments. All accommodation has a balcony, fully equipped bathroom, safe, kitchenette, mini fridge, direct dial telephone and satellite/cable TV

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