Hotels Close to Siam Park Tenerife

Picture yourself walking around the streets of a brand-new place, taking note of the marvellous environment or the architecture wherever you look. But Siam Park is one feature you've been anticipating most of all. For a while, it has been on your bucket list, and the day has come to mark it complete.

Hotels near Siam Park

If Siam Park is high on your to-do list, you'd probably like to learn a bit more about it?

It's 1150 miles from Madrid, in Adeje.

With 31 hotel options situated within 0.6 miles of Siam Park, you're going to be spoiled for choice! The Flamingo Suites, Jardin Tropical Hotel and H10 Gran Tinerfe are among the popular ones.

Hold on to your hard-earned dollars and stay at your choice of the numerous budget accommodation options situated in the area. The Iberostar Grand Hotel Salomé - Adults Only and the Hotel Jardines de Nivaria are two of the convenient hotel options that are located 1 mile and 1 mile away.

If stylish accommodation is a must have, you'll find many upmarket hotels around here. Two hotels that exceed expectations when it comes to comfort and design are the Hotel Colón Guanahaní and the HD Parque Cristobal Tenerife, which sit only 1 mile and 0.9 miles away, respectively.

Every now and then, you need something sweet! Drop by ViVO Mini Golf Treasure Island for a snack and some strong coffee. This well-known spot is located nearby Siam Park. Later on, you should sit down for dinner at Sol Tenerife. This restaurant is also within walking distance. To finish the night the right way, take one final walk and buy a couple of beers at Waikiki Beach Club / Fun Pub.

After you've finished with Siam Park, you should take a look at what else this area can offer you:

  • Witness a live performance or experience a big festival at Magma Art and Congress Centre, which is regarded as one of the surrounding area's hottest entertainment arenas.
  • Torviscas Beach is a great place for the children to burn off some energy while you relax with a book in the fresh air.
  • Nothing soothes the soul like time spent at the beach, schedule a visit to Troya Beach, one of the best in the area.
  • It's wild, it's entertaining and it's exhilarating. On a warm day, Aqualand Costa Adeje is a great place for the whole family.
  • Go for a walk on Bobo Beach, savor the sea air and watch the tide roll away.

Expedia's Adeje rooms deliver all the things you require, so you can certainly get locales near Siam Park that you'll love. Adeje had more than a few visitors in the past year, so start searching. You can rest easy when the moment arrives to make your booking, too: many visitors would propose their Adeje hotel to their buddies. Need help making a decision? You'll discover all the recommendations you need right here.

  • The concierge services at hotels close to Siam Park will be wonderful, which will only improve your visit to this dazzling monument.
  • You'll find accommodation in Adeje are always fresh and tidy.
  • From big families with children to teams of two, we offer accommodations that are satisfying for everyone.

Adeje vacations received extra visitors in 2016 than the year prior to that, and it's simple to see why. Your favorite spot awaits with our extensive directory of hotels near Siam Park.

Learn About Adeje

When you've crossed Siam Park off your list, there are still more activities to do in Adeje.

  • Head out on the town to top off your exploration right; when the sun comes up, get cultured about Adeje's history.
  • You'll realize Adeje also knows a thing or two about hospitality after some hours spent on its abundant excursions.
  • Adeje is now starting to make itself known after having been a well-kept secret.

You won't regret paying a visit to Adeje, especially when you have one of the awesome deals on hotel rooms near Siam Park from Expedia. Pack your stuff, wave goodbye to the views you're used to and wave hi to more than a few all-new selfies!

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