Dinastia Apartment Tenerife

Spacious and modern two bedroom apartment in Dinastia, Los Cristianos. Benefits from a spacious sunny terrace with sea views. Peaceful setting and only fifteen minutes walk from the resort centre.

Set within the more exclusive end of Los Cristianos this apartment offers the perfect combination of peace and tranquility yet is only 10-15 minutes walk from the beach and resort centre for those who like it a bit livelier.

This lovely 2 bed apartment offers quality accommodation within a select area in Los Cristianos. The complex of Dinastia is a relatively brand new complex within this well established resort.

Like the complex, the apartment is modern and immaculately kept. It even has air conditioning! (Payable locally). With a marble floor, it is a particularly spacious and has a large open plan style living area with plenty of room for two sofas, coffee tables and much more!

Each bedroom has fitted wardrobes and provides a cosy setting for a good nights sleep after a lazy day by the pool! The main bedroom is particularly large with an ensuite bathroom. There is also a 2nd bathroom with shower cubicle.

The fully fitted Kitchen keeps nice and separate from the lounge which has a large sofa / sofa bed, coffee table, satellite TV (BBC1, 2, ITV and CH4) and DVD player.

As the living room has sofa beds that can fold out into two single beds so this is perfect for up to 6 people. From the living area, you walk out to the unique 3rd floor terrace which benefits from all afternoon sun and evevnig sun. The balcony consists of a table, 6 chairs and sun loungers. Here is a perfect place to wallow in the afternoon Tenerife sun or for an early evening drink whilst watching the sun set over the harbour!

The well designed pool area acts as a real suntrap and is therefore ideal for sun worshippers. The Pool Bar / Snack bar has a lovely friendly atmosphere. The pool is heated in winter.

The complex is extremely well situated for all local amenities. This more prestigious area of Los Cristianos has some lovely restaurants close by, plenty of bars (including a Sports bar showing all the leading Sporting events), a well stocked supermarket, car hire and excursion shops.

The main resort centre area, Los Cristianos harbour and the beautiful beach at Las Vistas is a 10-15 minutes walk. Here you will find a large selection of shops, boutiques, nightclubs and some lovely sea front bars and restaurants.

Apartment Summary
Full Size Oven & Hob, Microwave, Fridge / Freezer compartment, Electric Kettle, Toaster, Breakfast Bar, washing machine

Two Large Sofas (fold out into two single sofa beds), coffee table, satellite TV (BBC1, 2, ITV and CH4), DVD Player, Safe, Patio Doors to Balcony.
Air con (payable locally)

One bedroom has a double bed, and the other has twin beds, (which can be pulled together to act as a double) both with large fitted Wardrobes with plenty of storage, bedside tables and lamps. The master bed has an ensuite. A safe is provided in one of the bedrooms.

One ensuite and one general bathroom.


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