Optimist Apartment Tenerife

39 guests loved their stay

9.2 “The over all apartment was great it had everything you needed pool was fabulous 20 feet from your balcony door lovely and Quiet just to relax all day fab”

United Kingdom

9.6 “It was very central to everything, we were very happy with the accommodation and security of the same, I would recommend it to anybody. We also found Robertto very helpful.”


9.6 “The bed was super comfy. Late check no problem. Everything there you needed including washing up liquid, teatowels, towels and even beach towels.”

United Kingdom

9.6 “It was in an excellent position and very clean, lovely renovated apartment 😀 plenty of bars and restaurants close by.”

United Kingdom

8.8 “The staff were lovely! Pool was nice and clean. It was closed on the first day but that was OK as we wanted to get to know the area.”


8.8 “The location is great, we had everything around the apartament. The apartament was big, nice pool, verry nice per total.”


10 “The staff were very nice we met Rita when we arrived to get keys she was very helpful definitely going to go back again!”


9.6 “View was unbelieveable.Staff very friendly. Beautiful appartments and great pool area.”


10 “It was everything in the apartman. Iron, ironingboard, washing mashine, toaster, kettle, mikro, owen...”


8.3 “Good location, close to everything (supermarket, bus stop, shops, bars, restaurants ...). Large ceramic hob, large fridge and freezer, washing machine. Allowed to stay longer in the apartment because we had an evening flight and there is no space to store suitcases. Transportation to and from the airport for 20 euros per trip. Friendly driver, gives clear explanation about the apartment and surroundings.”


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