Apart Hotel Tenerife

The Columbus Aparthotel is a large complex of modern, Moorish style apartments right in the centre of the Playa de Las Americas. It is situated approximately one mile from Los Cristianos, and there is a selection of shops, restaurants, bars and nightlife conveniently located close to the property just waiting to be discovered. This hotel would be an ideal choice for a family holiday full of activities and fun.

Where is the nearest beach?
It is about 880m from the hotel to the beach.

Distance from airport
This hotel is located approximately 20km from Tenerife South Airport.

The hotel Rooms sleep up to three adults, and are furnished with twin beds and a sofa bed. The Studios sleep up to two adults and one child, and are furnished with twin beds. The One Bedroom Apartments sleep up to three adults and one child, and are furnished with twin beds and a sofa bed in the living area. The Studios and Apartments have a kitchenette with a fridge, a two ring hob, a kettle and a toaster.

Food & Drink
A poolside snack bar, a rooftop sun terrace and a spacious restaurant with brand new show-cooking facility can be found at the Columbus Aparthotel. All meals are buffet service, and there is also a Chinese restaurant and pizzeria on-site.

Sports & Entertainment
Leisure facilities and activities available at the hotel include two swimming pools and a pool for children, two sun terraces and a roof-top sun terrace all furnished with free sun loungers and parasols, a Spa (local charge and under separate management) offering massage and beauty treatments, a sauna, Jacuzzi and a fitness gym. Additionally, the hotel offers a children's playground, a games room, volleyball, shooting, table tennis, a TV lounge and FREE Wi-Fi in the reception area. The hotel also provides nightly entertainment are including dancing‚ shows and professional acts.

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