Hotel San Roque Tenerife Holidays

9 / 10

Hotel San Roque is located in the centre of historic Garachico on the island's north west coast. A popular day trip destination, Garachico has survived fires, plague and volcanic eruptions over its history to emerge as one of the island's most picturesque villages whose natural rock pools attract both locals and visitors. When the coaches leave, the village returns to its traditional quiet and peaceful self and has a good selection of restaurants, all within easy reach of the hotel.

Style & character

10 / 10

An immaculately restored, two storey, 18th-century manor house and watchtower built in traditional Canarian style around a large, open courtyard. The owners have retained many original features and have juxtaposed ochre walls and polished wooden floors, roofs and balconies with contemporary art and a superb collection of Bauhaus, Rennie Mackintosh and Josef Hoffmann furniture. The result is a master class in interior design that is as comfortable and relaxing as it is pleasing to the eye. An elegant courtyard swimming pool and small, rooftop solarium provide ample space for relaxation.

Service & facilities

8 / 10

Low key yet responsive to every need, the stated aim of the service is to make guests feel at home. Mission accomplished.

  • Bar
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Room service
  • Sauna
  • Tennis court
  • Wi-Fi


This is traditional Tenerife at its best. The 20 individually styled rooms are set around the courtyard, each affording a similar level of style and comfort including a whirlpool bath, DVD player and more Rennie Mackintosh furniture. Duplex rooms have the bedroom on an upper level; suites have a whirlpool tub incorporated into the bedroom while the Tower Suite, located in the watchtower, has its own rooftop solarium terrace with ocean views. Floors, ceilings and window seats are in polished dark wood; walls are in vibrant tones of warm crimson, teal or blue and are beautifully complemented by plain cream fabrics and unfussy, contemporary art. Beds are remarkably comfortable and en-suites have generous shower space and lashings of hot water.

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Food & drink

7 / 10

Breakfast is served by the swimming pool and is buffet style with freshly cooked eggs to order (the scrambled eggs rank as some of the best I've ever eaten). In the evening the pool is the romantic setting for the Anturium Restaurant which serves a small but tasty menu of Canarian and Mediterranean cuisine. Retire to the Hoffmann library for a gin and tonic to enjoy beneath the stars in the courtyard.

Value for money

Double rooms range from £141 to £232 (Tower Suite), including breakfast, in low season; rising to between £165 and £251 (Tower Suite) in high. Prices are on a par with some of the lower priced five-star hotels in the southern resorts. But the character and individualism of this hotel make it excellent value for money in my book and drinks and restaurant meals are also very good value. Free Wi-Fi.

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