H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel Tenerife


The H10 Costa Adeje Palace is a modern resort set in lush gardens, located in Costa Adeje overlooking La Enramada Beach, 10 kilometers from San Miguel Castle. You will be well placed for exploring the surrounding area, including the private black-sand beach accessible from the hotel. Local attractions include the Piramides de Arona Flamenco Show, 3 kilometres away, and the water park and the zoo at Las Aguilas Park, both 5 kilometers from the hotel. Tenerife Reina Sofia South Airport is 25 minutes by car, a 27-kilometre drive.

Resort Features.

The H10 Costa Adeje Palace's main restaurant serves a buffet of regional and international cuisine in a bright informal setting with white tablecloths, while La Choza Restaurant is a grill and snack bar, set on a sun-drenched terrace beside the main swimming pool, where gourmet Spanish cuisine and an array of wines are served.

3 freshwater pools (1 heated) and 1 children's pool are surrounded by lush gardens with streams and waterfalls, and entertainment includes animation programs and evening shows, with a discotheque open till late, and a games room.

Guests can buy gifts in the hotel boutique and check email with complimentary wireless Internet access in public areas. The wellness center has a gymnasium, spa tub, indoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath, massage treatment room, and beauty salon. A free shuttle bus goes to Playa de Las Americas, and parking is available in the garage for a surcharge.


The 6-storey H10 Costa Adeje Palace features 167 air-conditioned guestrooms, all of which include neutral colors, modern furnishings, and tiled floors. All rooms have digital television with pay movies, desks, direct-dial phones with voice mail, and safes (surcharge). The half-board room rate incorporates buffet breakfast and dinner each day.

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