Hotels Tenerife South All Inclusive

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a sun seekers paradise with a wide range of natural and man-made beaches. They’re a hub for locals and tourists alike, to play, exercise and relax on. If you booked your Tenerife hotel in the south, head to El Medano. With strong winds and large waves, it has developed into a water sport wonderland. In the north, Playa Bollullo is much-loved, with its black sands and secluded location which you can only access by foot. Our favourite is Playa Del Duque in the south-east Isora neighbourhood. Sophisticated and clean, this golden beach is ideal for you to unwind on.

Vast Parks and Dormant Volcanos

Much of Tenerife is part of the Teide National Park, a World Heritage Site. The park contains dormant volcano Mount Teide, seen erupting by Christopher Columbus as he sailed by. You can walk to the summit in your hiking boots or take the cable car in your high heels. If your hotel in Tenerife is near the southern village of Aldea Blanca, book a Horse Riding Adventure, a great way to view the rolling Canarias countryside and volcanic terrain. When on the west of Tenerife, we love taking catamaran excursions past the striking Los Gigantes cliffs, spotting a whale or dolphin in the blue waters.


Tenerife is full of activities and attractions for the whole family. Head to Adeje in the south-west for the Thai-themed Siam Water Park, packed with waterslides, rapids and surfing. Watch a show put on by dolphins and seals at Loro Parque in the north of Tenerife. To get away from the sea for a bit and for some old-fashioned fun, head to Medieval Adventure at Castillo San Maiguel for a night full of knights jousting and duelling for your honour.

Nothing Watered-Down

Sport is a big deal in Tenerife, taking advantage of the natural surroundings. We love Safari B.O.B in Arona, where you can explore under the sea using the aquatic scooters. Use the all-terrain Quad bikes at Quad Safari in the south of the island to drive through the countryside at your own pace. For thrill-seekers and a birds-eye view of Tenerife, head to south-east Happyfly to paraglide over the island.

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