Tenerife Boutique Hotels 5 Star


Think you know what's on offer on Tenerife? You might be surprised to find stylish hotels, gorgeous beaches and incredible natural beauty: a far cry from the crowds, high-rises and parched earth that has been synonymous with this island since the 1970s. We've discovered the other side of Tenerife - and now you can, too.


Guía de Isora, Tenerife(00 34 922 126 000)

Recently acquired by Ritz-Carlton, this vast, family-friendly resort on the west coast is more like a village than a hotel. It has 10 restaurants, eight swimming pools, seven tennis courts and its own golf course and spa centre - you could spend a week here an never step outside. With 476 rooms (including 148 in private villas) Abama is a relaxing and luxurious retreat.

Hotel Botanico

Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife(00 34 922 381 400)

On the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz, beside the town's Jardin Botanico, this five-star hotel was built in the 1970s - but even though the architecture is undistinguished, it is a supremely comfortable place to stay. Who cares if the decor is a bit old-fashioned? The spa and gardens are sublime.

Hotel San Roque

Garachico, Tenerife(00 34 922 133 435)

A romantic, family-run hotel in an 18th-century mansion in Garachico that's been lovingly restored in a subtle range of traditional and modern styles. There are 20 rooms, including four suites and eight duplexes. The secluded poolside restaurant is a splendid place to unwind.

La Quinta Roja

Garachico, Tenerife(00 34 922 133 377)

Also in Garachico, this compact boutique hotel (just 20 rooms) is plainer and simpler than the San Roque, but the building is even older. Its magnificent stone staircase dates back to the 16th century.


Adeje, Tenerife (00 34 922 788 482)

Tucked away in Adeje, one of the nicest places in the south, this intimate hideaway offers guests a clever mix of pampering and self-catering. All 28 villas have well-equipped kitchens and private pools, plus five-star service and facilities. The Jardin restaurant (run by award-winning Girona chef Victor Rocha) is a great place to eat, whether or not you stay the night.

San Blas Reserva Ambienta

San Blas, Tenerife(00 34 902 108 926)

This new five-star hotel, near Reina Sofia airport, aims to blend in with the surrounding San Blas nature reserve. The architecture is unobtrusive, water is recycled, and the plants in the gravel garden are all indigenous. Both restaurants have sea views.

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