Accommodation El Medano Tenerife

MapEl Médano, Spain

Featuring an outdoor swimming pool, Casa Marechen offers apartments with free Wi-Fi and a private terrace with sea views. Located in La Mareta, Tenerife South Airport is a 10-minute drive away.

Sotavento III is located 200 metres from Tejita Beach, in southern Tenerife, 5 minutes’ drive from El Médano.

Offering a furnished terrace with sea views, Apartamento Magallanes is set in a complex with a shared outdoor pool. Located next to El Médano Marina, it is a 5-minute walk from the beach.

“the location was good, being in El Medano.”

— Claire Spain

Casa MarechenLocated in the holiday town of Arenas del Mar, El Medano, Apartamentos Los Delfines is just a few metres away from the sea. It offers modern apartments with a shared and heated nudist swimming pool.

“Simply the best! ;) We loved it! :)”

— Věra Czech Republic

Featuring free Wi-Fi and a furnished balcony or terrace, Apartamentos playa del Medano are located in El Médano in southern Tenerife.

“Lovely view over the square and across the sea to mount Roja”

— Joanne United Kingdom

Featuring a terrace, Duplex Playa Medano is a self-catering, beachfront accommodation located in El Medano. Restaurants, shops and bars are 300 metres away. The port is 500 metres away.

Sotavento III El Médano, Spain

Featuring free Wi-Fi throughout, Apartamento frente al Medano offers apartments with a balcony in El Médano. The beach is 30 metres away and restaurants are 150 metres away.

“Great location. Comfortable bed with duvets and du…le sheet and extra blankets). Spacious and clean.”

— Eva Czech Republic

Set 150 metres from Tenerife’s Cabezo el Medano Beach, Duplex Playa Cabezo offers accommodation in different locations around El Medano.

“Very good, clean, well-equipped appartman, close t…cean, recommended :) very good value for price :)”

— Szilvia Hungary

Offering free WiFi and a year-round outdoor pool, Bungalow Sotavento II is situated in El Médano, 16 km from Playa de las Americas. Puerto de la Cruz is 43 km away.

Located 2 minutes’ walk from the beach at El Médano, in southern Tenerife, Apartamento Lago Mirazul is a self-catering apartment with free parking.

“The apartment at Lago Mirazul was spacious, well e…nt so there is no balcony. Not really a big deal.”

Apartamento Magallanes Apartamentos Los Delfines Apartamento playa del Medano Duplex Playa Medano

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