Cristianos Sur Apartments Los Cristianos Tenerife

The HG Cristian Sur Apartments are located in the south of Tenerife, which enjoys a privileged climate throughout the year. Just a short walk away of the hotel, guests can find Los Cristianos Beach and a variety of bars and cafes where they can relax with a refreshing drink. Surrounded by splendid, exotic gardens, HG Cristian Sur provides a charming, refined service which makes it an ideal place for a relaxing holiday.

The apartments are spacious and fully equipped with all of the amenities you will require for a comfortable stay including a kitchenette, terrace and private bathroom. Each unit is tastefully decorated with ample natural light and has a seating area with TV.

Guests can enjoy a refreshing dip in the two split level pools or relax on the sun terrace on one of the many sun loungers available. Guests can also take advantage of the snack bar which serves a selection of light snacks and cooling refreshments to accompany lazy days in the sun. A buffet breakfast is served in the Cafeteria Arco Iris, where guests can later enjoy Spanish cuisine for lunch or dinner or alternatively guests can explore a bit further and try one of the local restaurants.

The HG Cristian Sur Apartments are an ideal destination for families, couples and groups of friends alike.

Please note before booking that guests may be allocated to either the HG Cristian Sur Apartments or the adjacent HG Tenerife Sur Apartments. Both are of the same high standard.

PLEASE NOTE: The apartments have several steps up to the entrance and are not disability adapted.

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