Paloma Apartments Tenerife

Paloma Beach Apartments are a beautiful development of holiday apartments in Tenerife, built to four levels and situated next to the headland in Los Cristianos.

There is a choice of spacious, well equipped 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Our accommodation all have sea views or overlook the private heated swimming pool or exotic gardens.

The onsite reception is located poolside and is open 7 days a week ensuring guests find everything with ease and enjoy a relaxing holiday in Tenerife. Wi-Fi is available around the swimming pool.

How far is the nearest beach?
The hotel is approx 100m from the beach.

Distance from Airport
Tenerife South Airport is approx 23km from the resort and Tenerife North Airport is approx 80km away.


All of our apartments have a spacious lounge and are furnished with comfortable sofas with your relaxation in mind. A 32" TV is installed with over 10 English Speaking Channels (under normal circumstances) and many other international channels, there is also a DVD player included plus free WiFi.

The patio doors open onto a large private terrace with a table and chairs for those who wish to eat outside while looking onto the sea, pool or gardens of Paloma Beach Apartments. Sea, pool or garden views are available upon request.

The kitchens are well equipped and include an oven, hob, microwave, kettle, toaster and ample cutlery and crockery. The kitchen is normally separated from the lounge with a breakfast bar.

The apartments have either twin or double beds. Safes are installed in all apartments for your peace of mind and security and are available to use for a small fee. Hair-driers are provided free of charge.

Food & Drink
There is a poolside snack bar and a selection of bars and restaurants on-site. Two supermarkets are within 100 metres of the apartments.

Sports & Entertainment
The apartments are located around a heated swimming pool and sun terrace where guests can relax and soak up sun.There is also an on-site children's playground and an outdoor exercise area for adults.

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