Coral Beach Hotel Tenerife

The Sunprime Coral Suites & Spa is located close to the fabulous beaches of Troya and Las Vistas as well as the seafront promenade leading to the centre of Playa De Las Americas on the island paradise of Tenerife.

## Adults Only Hotel ##

How far is the nearest beach?
The nearest beach is located 200 meters from the hotel.

Distance from Airport
Reina Sofia International Airport (south) is 16 km and Los Rodeos Airport (north) is 100 km from the Hotel.

Newly renovated and welcoming adults only, the hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere along with 191 spacious guestrooms with modern amenities.

The Sunprime Coral Suites & Spa features a total of 191 tastefully decorated units spread over 6 floors. All Suite units are non smoking, and offer a flat screen TV, Internet connection (payable), safe (charge), air-conditioning, bathrobe, slippers and hair dryer. Each unit has a fully equipped kitchenette with 2 rings, fridge, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, kettle and fully equipped bathroom with a spacious shower and a large balcony with outdoor furniture.

Food & Drink
Food, drink and entertainment: The hotel presents a delicious buffet breakfast and dinner served at the main restaurant, with show cooking and lovely outdoor seating on the terrace. Lunch and dinner is a la carte of set menu at the table. In addition there is a pool bar for drinks and snacks, an elegant indoor bar and the friendly lobby bar. Food, drink and entertainment: The hotel presents a delicious buffet breakfast and dinner served at the main restaurant, with show cooking and lovely outdoor seating on the terrace. Lunch and dinner is a la carte of set menu at the table. In addition there is a pool bar for drinks and snacks, an elegant indoor bar and the friendly lobby bar.

All Inclusive
Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner, Buffet, Restaurant (Some nights theme buffets like Asian, Mexican and Italian are offered.), Daily.
Ice Cream; Snacks, Pool Bar, Daily: 10:30 - 18:00.
Afternoon snacks; Afternoon Tea; Coffee Break, Pool Bar, Daily: 15:00 - 16:00.

Locally produced Alcohol; locally produced none Alcoholic drinks, Soft drinks; Beer; Spirits, Pool Bar, Daily: 10:30 - 18:00.
Bar, Daily: 18:00 - 23:30.
Hotel Facilities

Dress code is required for the restaurant: Beach shorts and T-shirts are not permitted.

Sports & Entertainment
Guests to the Sunprime Coral Suites & Spa can relax on marvellous beaches and explore countless attractions such as Aqualand in Las Americas and Tenerife's Zoo and Jungle Park.

Local Tips: Tenerife's excellent climate, the proximity, diversity and quality of its golf courses, and its competitive prices are a great attraction for golf lovers who want to enjoy a holiday in the Canary Islands. Official Rating 3*The Sunprime Coral Suites & Spa has been labelled as adults only, adapted to the present times: tasteful, modern and of excellent quality.

Situated in an unbeatable area near to the best beaches (Troya Beach and Las Vistas Beach), the beach promenade, the exclusive shopping zone of Playa de Las Américas and an extensive offer of restaurants, bars and leisure amenities.

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