Palm Beach Hotel Tenerife

Palm Beach Club is a popular family resort with a prime beachfront location, offering stunning views of the Canary Islands.Guests can enjoy all the usual amenities you would expect to find in a holiday resort - swimming pools, restaurants, entertainment etc., as well as a whole host of other quality diversions to make your holiday as fun-filled and relaxing as possible

How far is the nearest beach?
A mere 10m away

Distance from Airport
This hotel is located 24km from Tenerife South Airport

There are 1 and 2 bedrooms available as well as studio apartments. All of the units have a bathroom, safe available from reception, TV with DVD player, and cots and high-chairs are also available. The studio apartments and penthouse also have a fully equipped kitchen.

Food & Drink
The complex has a cafeteria, bar and a selection of restaurants, as well as on-site supermarket.

Sports & Entertainment
Large swimming pool with separate areas for children, lifeguard on duty, hot tubs, sun beds, sun terrace, and gym.

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