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The weather on Tenerife can vary significantly depending on which area you are in. The south of Tenerife is where most tourists head to as the larger holiday resorts are located here. During what are considered to be the summer months, that is May until November, the temperature ranges from 20-26ºC and there is a slight wind, which makes the heat more bearable. The sea temperature rises to an average of 23ºC. During the winter months of December until April, it is still very warm; temperatures range from 12-18ºC. Rainfall is slightly higher from December until February than in the summer months. The sea temperature does drop during winter, but if you're brave, you should be able to swim all year round!

The north of Tenerife is cooler and wetter than the south, with the summer months being hot yet slightly overcast and with a higher rainfall risk. June until October see the temperatures ranging between 20-24ºC and a minimal risk of rainfall during the early months and around five days in October. During the autumn months the temperature is on average 18ºC during the day and 12ºC during the evening. You will still be able to swim in the seas during these months. The winter months in December until February, the weather is wetter and cooler than what you will find in Tenerife South. Temperatures range from 9ºC to 12ºC and the sea averages at 19ºC. The weather starts to rise again during the spring months of March, April and May however the night time temperatures still remain cold.

You need to prepare yourself for a change in climate when you climb Mount Teide. As you are at a higher altitude you will find it is much cooler at the top of Mount Teide, even during the summer months it is wise to take a jacket with you. You will find that there is more rainfall in this area, and during winter you will often find the mountain covered in snow.

Jan 22ºC

Feb 22ºC

Mar 24ºC

Apr 25ºC

May 25ºC

Jun 27ºC

Jul 28ºC

Aug 28ºC

Sep 27ºC

Oct 25ºC

Nov 23ºC

Dec 23ºC


Just as there are two varying climates in the north and south of the island, there is also two very different landscapes. While the south is dry with little vegetation, the north has a lovely lush terrain that’s flush with pine forests, palm trees and banana plantations.

The island is famed for its lunar landscape which shows off natural rock formations that makes you feel you are moon walking. A trip to see Mount Teidi is an out of this world experience, and you'll see traces of the volcanic eruptions all over the island.

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Tenerife is popular because the island is packed with so much to do! You'd find it hard to fit it all into just one holiday, which is probably why many visitors to Tenerife return year after year.

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