Hotel Tenerife Playa

378 guests loved their stay

10 “Everything from the staff welcome when we got there to the rooms which were modern and clean”

United Kingdom

8.3 “Very helpful & happy staff. Clean rooms & huge bed! Brilliant location right on the seafront. Food in the all inclusive was varied and delicious (even for vegetarian partner) plus the inclusive drinks were good quality. Couldn't fault it, just don't let it stop you experiencing the local restaurants (e.g. El Mana) which are definitely worth trying.”

United Kingdom

8.3 “The staff is really kind and nice, the location is perfect. Lovely cozy pool area. The cleanliness of the rooms are way above standard. Wide variety of breakfast and dinner, yet not overwhelming.”

United Kingdom

9.6 “as a regular Puerto visitor( 4/5 times a year) I rate this hotel in the top 10%”


9.2 “Great buffet and staff took pride in food preparation and service, very friendly staff”


9.6 “Lovely and floured swimming pool area, spacious and well equipped room (junior suite), staff very kind, rich buffet at the restaurant with a great sea view, with a very nice terrace where having breakfast”


10 “Location was in the best part of Puerto de La Cruz, just overlooking Lago Martinez. Waves crashing to the shore and white foam and surfers everywhere! Lovely restaurants nearby and some coffee houses, nice shops too!”


9.2 “Excellent hotel, safe, good location, food good, rooms good, staff helpful and polite, pool good and plenty of sun loungers”

United Kingdom

8.3 “Nice hotel liked open planing, Lovely pools for adults and a very nice pool for the young children. Lovely landscaping on the terrace with beautiful overhanging flowers and plants along the length of the terrace.Easy accessible lifts to all floors.”


10 “Location and surroundings and beautiful promenade for walking”


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