Tenerife B&B

charming moments

It was a pleasure staying at la casa del floras. The location is fabulous, away from the noise of the center, in a quite and green area. The pool offers charming moments, as well as the breakfast...prepared with loved! Thanks Irene, it was fantastic.

Splendifa accoglienza

Ci siamo trovati benissimo a Casa Giuliana: ambiente accogliente e trattamento caloroso. La cucina poi è veramente eccezionale. Un grazie a Giuliana e Piero e un arrivederci a presto!


Siamo stati molto bene, accoglienza e colazione meravigliosa! Le camere molto belle e pulite. Pochi passi per arrivare al mare (circa 15 minuti a piedi), bellissima piscina al interno del complesso tranquillo in mezzo al verde. Rapporto qualità prezzo ottimo. Irene e' una persona molto ospitale che da subito ci ha messo a nostro agio! Torneremo senz altro in questo carinissimo posto!!

grand Hotel mama guiliana

Familienurlaub mit 2 Jungs( 2 und 6 Jahre) für 14 Tage im Mai haben wir uns herzlich mütterlich verwöhnen lassen. Ruhige Lage und abseits vom Touristen Trubel. Sehr kinderfreundlich mit Spielplatz und eingezäuntem grossen Grundstück. Unsere deutschen Frühstücks Gewohnheiten und die der Kinder wurden super erfüllt. Als gemeinsame Sprache stand uns die Körper Sprache zur verfugung, sowie der gang in die Küche und kleine Teile diverser sprachen.;) das führte zu viel Fröhlichkeit UD gemeinsamen lachen! Der Sohn des Hauses spricht eng., der war aber nicht vor Ort. Vielen dank auch für das waschen der kleidung und den super zimmer service!Für uns ein perfekter Urlaub herzlichen dank giuliana und pierro! Wir kommen wieder!

Fantastic Holiday.

A very welcome greeting in the mornings with fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, hot croissants with cheese, homemade granola packed with nuts, raisins etc. just a few of the delicous dishes we were offered. Lovely room, Lovely food, Lovely house, Lovely gardens, lovely complex. highly reccommended.

lovely place for a really relaxing break

We stayed with Irene for the first week of Jan this year.Irene was very good at providing everything we needed for a lovely & relaxing holiday, nothing was too much trouble.The bedrooms were lovely, clean & comfortable.The pool area was immaculate.We would'nt hesitate stay there again.


Beware of this Bed and Breakfast! Irene complained about having to get up to make breakfast for us and this is advertised as a bed and breakfast! Irene did not tell us that we needed to bring cash to pay the rest of the bill. Since we stay at bed and breakfasts a lot, many owners tell us upfront to bring cash because they do not have credit card machines (some do have these machines, and we did not know Irene’s situation). However, on the second morning, Irene had not started breakfast and would not even let me get water in the kitchen until I paid the whole bill in cash. I told her I would be happy to go to the local bank, but that I do not normally carry large amounts of cash on me when traveling. Also, she is not zoned to offer breakfast so she told us not to tell the people at the pool that we received breakfast from her.

Ein wundervoller Platz um zu Relaxen - A wonderful place to relax !

Ein perfekter Platz um Erholung zu haben. Ruhe und Genuss. Jeden Morgen kommt nach Absprache mit der Hausdame höchstpersönlich ein gutes Frühstück. Die Sonne scheint und die Ruhe in diesem Arenal kommt ausgezeichnet zur Geltung. Der ganze Poolbereich scheint wie für Einen höchstpersönlich. Sauber, Luxuriös und in sofortiger Nähe des schönsten Bereiches im Süden Tenerifes. Absolut Top und komme sehr gerne wieder. A perfect place to rest to have. Peace and pleasure. Every morning comes after consultation with the Executive Housekeeper himself a good breakfast. The sun is shining and the rest in this Arenal is excellent advantage. The whole pool area seems like for a highly personal. Clean, Luxurious and in immediate proximity of the most beautiful area in the south of Tenerife. Absolutely top and I'm very happy again.

15 jours de vacances à la "Casa Giuliana" à Charco del Pino Tenerife

Noius souhaiterions, à travers ce petit courriel, remercier "Giuliana et Pietro" qui ont été à nos petit soins durant les 15 jours pleins de notre séjour à Tenerife du 8 au 23 mars. (Patrick & Dolly). Came, repas italiens excellents, cadre verdoyant, bonne humeur, enfin tout ce qu'il faut pour passer quinze jours de détente. A recommander à tous ceux qui souhaitent la tranquilité à seulement 15 minutes des plages.

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