Holiday Apartment Tenerife las Americas

Studio with a little garden in centre of Playa de Las Americas, near the beach.

Cozy studio with a garden in centre of Playa de Las Americas. Terrace and private parking. Studio is located in the beautiful district Tenerife Sur. This place is ideal if you want to get tanned on your holiday. Perfect place not only for lunch or dinner but also to relax or sun bathing. In studio we have bed for two persons and sofa bed for one. Also is possible more one extra bed. The kitchen is open plan and equipped if you wish to stay in to cook. Only 3 minutes from the most popular beach of Playa de Las Americas. All is near - shops, restaurants, bars etc. WiFi internet access available for 14 EUR / week.

Only 3 minutes from the most popular beach of Playa de Las Americas. All is near - restaurants, bars, clubs, shops etc.

Really nice experience in tenerife, the apartment was great and it is exactlly like in the pictures and description. Very good location near bars and restaurants and supermarket. Oliver is a very good host showed us every thing we needed to know and we had really nice discounts in the tours thanks to him! really the best!

This studio appatement is very well situated, 4mn walk to the beach, 5mn walk to the Las Americas bus terminal. Everything is clean, everything works well included internet. Oliver is here to help with anything you would need. I definitely recommend this place.

Oliver responds immediately and is always available for any need. As I had asked, I did find on my arrival of the flowers, just like a friend who does everything to settle. The house is in an area monitored with parking, very pretty, with delightful outdoor patio for dining and relaxing, complete with everything and in a wonderful position, very close to the sea and the local evening nightlife. Mark it as additional note a great Italian restaurant with home cooking just opposite. Definitely go back.

We stayed at Oliver's place for a week and it was a very good experience. The place is located very well (close everywhere) and has a very good parking. We enjoyed our stay and I recommend this place. Oliver is a very good host and he's quick to answer any questions.

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