Holidays to Bitacora Hotel Tenerife

Below is a list of disabled access hotels and self catering accommodation in Tenerife. If you are looking for a disabled holiday abroad, staying in wheelchair friendly accommodation in Tenerife, please have a look at what we offer and then Contact us for further information.

The island of Tenerife is probably the most popular of the Canary Islands. Geographically it is in the centre of the Canary Islands. The island is triangular in shape and is home to Mount Teide, which at 3, 718 m is the highest mountain in Spain. The island is of volcanic origin, the last volcanic activity took place in 1909, when the volcano of Chinyero erupted. This area is now a Nature Reserve. which today is a natural reserve

The resorts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas, in the south of the island, are well known to British tourists. Many shops, bars and restaurants are found along the flat promenade which stretches for miles along the seafront. The area of Arona caters particularly well for travellers in wheelchairs. Ther beach of Playa de Las Vistas had been boarded to make it wheelchair accessible. There area accessible toilets and shower areas and amphibian wheelchairs available to access the sea more easily.

Disabled Holidays and Wheelchair Accessible Holidays in Tenerife - Vulcano EntranceHotel Noelia Sur - 4**** Half Board hotel - Now ADULTS ONLY!

Hotel Vulcano - 4**** Half Board hotel

Hotel Zentral - 4**** Half Board hotel

- Self Catering Beach Bungalow (see also Casa Anna, Casa Annie, La Casita, Casa Capitán & Casa Curt)

- Self Catering Holiday Complex

- 3*** - Multi catering options

Aparthotel Andorra - 3*** - B&B or Half Board

Hotel Colon Guanahani - 4**** Superior - B&B

Disabled Holidays and Wheelchair Accessible Holidays in Tenerife - Zentral Disabled Holidays and Wheelchair Accessible Holidays in Tenerife - Casa-Elena Disabled Holidays and Wheelchair Accessible Holidays in Tenerife - Cristobal Disabled Holidays and Wheelchair Accessible Holidays in Tenerife - Parque la Paz

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Adeje Beach Hotel Tenerife

Coral Beach Hotel Tenerife

Apart Hotel Tenerife