Bougainvillea Hotel Tenerife

A year round spring/summer climate, warm seas and a warm welcome, Tenerife is one of the most popular hot spots for holidaymakers. For those who wish to take it easy, there’s plenty of beaches and bays to relax, sunbathe or savour the blue, crystal clear waters. For the fun seekers there’s water sports, Loro Parque theme park or the opportunity to visit the active volcano Teide by cable car! Discover your disabled friendly holiday in Tenerife today!

On the north of the island is the resort of Puerto de la Cruz, set amongst banana plantations and vineyards at the foot of the fertile La Orotava Valley. In the northeast is Santa Cruz, the co-capital city of the Canaries, great for shopping and a popular cruise stop over. In the southwest are the equally popular resorts of Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje. All three of these resorts have moved distinctly upmarket in recent years. Los Gigantes in the west, alongside Playa San Juan and the fishing village of Alcalá offer a much more traditional Tenerife experience.

Walkways are wide and bougainvillea-lined and there’s lots of places to eat and drink away from the glare and heat of the constant sun. Hotels and apartments are modern with many accessible accommodation options and, because we can arrange everything else that may be required for an accessible holiday, such as airport transfers and the hiring and delivery of mobility and other equipment, Tenerife is a wonderfully attractive holiday destination.

What's available with our disabled holidays in Tenerife?

  • - accessible accommodation - guaranteed
  • - flights
  • - adapted transfers
  • - mobility equipment hire - wheelchairs, hoists, shower chairs, electric beds, and more!
  • - attractions and days out
  • - financial protection
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