Hotel Bahia Princess Costa Adeje Tenerife

This hotel is situated close to Fanabe beach with bars and resturants within walking distance. It is also located near a golf course and water park. The hotel has 267 rooms double rooms an eight suites and offers 24-hour reception service, 5 lifts, a hotel safe, currency exchange facilities, a hairdressing salon, a games room and a reading and TV lounge. It also has a main restaurant with show cooking, main bar with entertainment, disco, shows with service at the pool and on the terrace and a piano bar with an interior lounge and exterior terrace.

How far is the nearest beach?
This hotel is a mere 300m away from Fanabe beach

Distance from Airport
The hotel is situated 28km from Tenerife South Airport and approx 84km from Tenerife North Airport.

All rooms are comfortable with lounge chairs and a table, a balcony with large terrace, individually regulated air conditioning, a safe, piped music, a telephone, satellite TV and a minibar on request. The en suite bathrooms are fitted with a bath and hairdryer. A radio and fridge also come in the rooms.

Food & Drink
The hotel has 2 restaurants. The main restaurant serves breakfast and dinner. The Barbacoa restaurant serves lunch. There is also a poolside snack bar serving lunch and snacks on the terrace, lounge bar and piano bar.

Informal dress is required for the dinner service (long trousers and shirt or t-shirt with sleeves for gentlemen). Moreover, the dress code for the Gala dinner at Christmas and New Year's Eve require tie wear, a jacket and tie.

Sports & Entertainment
This hotel is located 300m from the sea and the beaches of Torviscas and Fañabe in the Costa Adeje area. The 3 outdoor swimming pools are at different levels, one of them heated in winter. For younger guests there is a mini pool and entertainment from the kids' club and playground. Sun loungers and parasols are laid out at the hotel for use and may be hired on the sandy beach. Guests may relax in the sauna (for a fee). Facilities are available for windsurfing, squash, tennis and pool/snooker (fees apply to all). In addition, guests may play table tennis or try their hand at archery. Entertainment programmes are arranged for adults and children. Golf Las Américas is roughly 6km from the property as well as Sian water park being just 1.5km away.

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