Hotel Puerto Palace Tenerife/

Situated on the North side of the Island of Tenerife, in the touristic town Puerto de La Cruz Puerto Palace boasts lovely views over the Orotava Valley. Puerto de la Cruz has two faces which it offers to holiday makers: one being that of a fishing village, and the other one, the cosmopolitan side of the town.

How far is the nearest beach?
The nearest beach is located 1Km from the hotel.

Distance from Airport
Tenerife North Airport is situated 27Km from the hotel and Tenerife South is located 98Km away.

The building has 4 floors, 290 rooms (Junior Suites, Double rooms and individual rooms). All the rooms include a full bathroom, Air Conditioning, Hairdryer, Mini-bar (O.R.), Piped music, Television (national and international channels), Safe (rent), terrace, telephone (direct call), Voltage 220.

Food & Drink
No-Smokers, Cold and warm Buffet service at breakfast- lunch- and dinnertime. Every week we offer 2 special thematic buffets (Canarian and International). Pool bar with snack service and Hall bar.

Sports & Entertainment
8000 m2 of gardens, 1 heated pool, 1 natural pool with waterfall, 1 pool for children completely independent, 2 Jacuzzis, Play areas, Mini-golf, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis court, Pool table and Table tennis. (The Hotel has a roof terrace especially for nudists with a Pool and Jacuzzi)

Facilities & Services
The hotel offers hairdresser (male & female), fitness centre: with Sauna, Jacuzzi, Aerobic, Squash, Bodybuilding, Maintenance, and Massage. All supervised by qualified professionals. (With charge), Shop/Bazaar: International press, Magazines, Souvenirs, Postcards, Books, Change. Entertainment during the day and at night time with a variety of programmes and activities. Once a week a trekking excursion. 2 Professional shows a week. Live and disco music various days a week, lounge for readers, Lounge Bar Hall with television and Lounges for banquets and conferences with a capacity up to 500 people.

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