Tenerife Costa Adeje Hotels All Inclusive

Knockout beaches, chic cafés and big-name boutiques put holidays to Costa Adeje in a class of their own.

A class act

In resort terms, Costa Adeje is a relative newbie but it’s already a bit of an ‘It’-destination on Tenerife’s south coast. All Inclusive holidays to Costa Adeje are all pristine beaches, smart eateries and first-class boutiques. Plus, you’ve got party-hard Playa de las Palmas next door, and one of the world’s biggest waterparks down the road.

Sandy beaches

Costa Adeje’s big on beaches – that includes two Blue Flag numbers. You’ve got the slate-coloured curve at Playa Fanabe, and the manmade Playa del Duque. The latter doesn’t look like your typical Canarian stretch. It’s filled in with light-gold sand and sprinkled with loungers, thatched parasols and traditional-looking changing cabins.

All-action nightlife

It might not go full throttle like its hardcore neighbour, but Costa Adeje can still hold its own on the nightlife front. Most of the bars cluster around San Eugenio, putting on live cabaret and music to pull in the punters. You can expect two shows a night at some, ranging from ABBA tribute acts to comedy shows.

Trips to Playa de las Americas

Ten minutes’ drive and you’re in Playa de las Americas. This mega-resort has a lot going for it. On the activity front, you can bungee jump at Sky Park or take a boat ride out to see dolphins. There’s also a top, family-friendly beach and slide-packed Siam Park. You should head back for sunset, though, when the bars and clubs on Veronicas Strip rev up for action.

  • Close to the beach
  • 2 big pools
  • Loads of activities
  • Free Wi-Fi zones

TripAdvisor Traveller Rating rating: 3.5

  • 10-minute walk to a beach
  • 2 pools
  • Evening entertainment
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