Hotel Laguna Park 2 Tenerife

The complex is situated on a hill in the south of Tenerife offering some of the best views of Playa de las Americas, Costa Adeje, La Gomera and the Atlantic Ocean. There are various bars and restaurants close to the beach and if you don’t want to walk then there is a courtesy bus that takes guests to the Torviscas beach and the San Eugenio shopping centre. Although the Laguna Park II is classed as Las Americas, it is very close to the border of Costa Adeje meaning you have the benefit of two great resorts on your doorstep. We view the Laguna Park II as a fantastic, cheap and cheerful hotel for groups, couples and families that are looking for a lively holiday.

How far is the nearest beach?
The hotel is located 1.5km from the beach.

Distance from Airport
The hotel is located approximately 20km from Tenerife South Airport.

The resort offers a choice between Studios and One Bedroom Apartments. All accommodation features a telephone for international use, a kettle, a satellite TV, a hire safe and a balcony or terrace.

Studios are designed to be a functional space with kitchen that includes basic utensils and a bedroom all in one. They cover 28m² with a separate bathroom with a bath and two single beds.

One Bedroom Apartments are functional and spacious, covering 40m² with two single beds, a sofa bed, a living room, separate bedroom, an open plan kitchen with basic utensils and a bathroom with a bath or shower.

Food & Drink
The resort offers two restaurants: El Chorro and La Rotonda.

El Chorro offers a variety of snacks, pizzas, paella, sandwiches, ice cream and as well as much more. It's a great place where you can feast on delicious food without leaving the poolside, or the sun.

La Rotonda is the resort’s buffet restaurant, and serves a fantastic range of hot dishes, salads, desserts, breakfasts and an excellent wine list. It also affords diners beautiful views of the ocean and La Gomera Island.

Sports & Entertainment
One of Laguna Park II's best features is an enormous swimming pool area which has a children's section complete with an extensive sun terrace and sun beds. If you like to keep active, take your pick from a wide range of recreational facilities, including a programme of daytime activities and evening entertainment organised by the resort's entertainers. There is also a children's playground, disco, games area, mini golf, multi-sport court, a pool table, a children's swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, table tennis, tennis courts and badminton.

Useful Information

As this complex is located on a hill, it may not be suitable for wheelchair users or anyone with walking difficulties. The resort centre is 2km away, and a selection of bars and restaurants just 800m away. The official rating of the complex is two key which is the equivalent to a three-star.

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