Hotel Paradise Park Resort & Spa Tenerife

Wonderful location, excellent service, kind and smiling staff and a splendid array of family-friendly amenities, are the distinguishing features as well as the key behind the success of the Paradise Park Resort and Spa Hotel, an exclusive 4 star hotel in Los Cristianos Bay, Tenerife, Spain. Everybody from young tourists to holidaymakers seeking relax and peace will enjoy their stay in this well-appointed accommodation. Stunning views dominating the whole Los Cristianos Bay invite romantic couples and honeymooners to spend that unforgettable stay at the Paradise Park Resort and Spa Hotel. Surrounded by palm trees and tropical gardens, the hotel's six inviting outdoor swimming pools are the perfect option for a cooling dip or a relaxing sunbathe in the all year round sunny days of Tenerife. Eating out is no an issue at the Paradise Park Resort and Spa Hotel, as it boasts two different restaurants. In the Tenerife Restaurant, guests can enjoy hearty buffet breakfast and delicious dinners from Canarian and international cuisine (formal dressing is required for dinner), while the Strelitzia Restaurant offers al fresco lunches in a more laid back atmosphere. The Paradise Park Resort and Spa Hotel is a wheelchair-friendly hotel, featuring amenities and access specially designed for guests with disabilities. Leisure holidaymakers will love all the pampering options offered at the Sparadise Spa, featuring modern facilities and relaxing massages. On the other hand, dynamics guests can take advantage of the fully-equipped gym and the many sport facilities in the vicinity of the hotel. Executives can hire-out the conference centre, boasting 3 different meeting rooms, which are equipped with cutting edge audiovisual amenities. Furthermore, a wireless Internet access is available on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Please note: due to maintenance works the main swimming pool, the pool bar and children's pool will be closed from the 7th June to the 30th June. Adjacent to the hotel, the Leisure Resort Atlantida will be at guests disposal with 2 swimming pools (one with outdoor Spa circuit, Jacuzzi, 4 hydro beds and 2 cervical shower jets), Mini-Club, pool bar, and large sun terraces.

Hotel Location

This elegant hotel is located directly in the tourist centre of Los Cristianos, near the picturesque harbour and around 1 km from the beach and the town centre, offering countless shopping and entertainment venues, with easy access on foot or a short bus ride away. The nearest bus stop is some 500 m from the hotel and the International Reina Sofia Airport is about 15 km away.

Hotel Room

There are an ample range of rooms for different needs and tastes, all of which feature en suite bathroom with hairdryer, telephone, satellite TV, minibar (for an additional fee), hire safe and balcony or terrace.

Hotel Lobby

The lobby is medium size in modern style.

Paradise Park Resort And Spa Hotel Exterior

The exterior is a non impressive building but keep it with care and style.

Paradise Park Resort And Spa Hotel Area

The hotel is located in Los Cristianos, which combines the charm of its past as a fishing village with a superb selection of restaurants, shop and bars.

Hotel Restaurant

Atlante Restaurant: This à la carte venue is set in the wellness centre and serves creative cuisine made with fresh local produce. The restaurant operates a dress code of long trousers for gentlemen. Tenerife Restaurant: This restaurant serves buffet breakfasts and dinners. Evening meals are themed, with both international and local Canarian cuisine. Formal dress is required in the evening. Strelitzia Restaurant: This open-air venue is ideal for an alfresco lunch or barbecue, as well as a friendly drink at sunset.

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