Apartment to Rent Tenerife

Spacious house of 180 m2 with private terrace, two bedrooms with comfortable beds, two bathrooms, WIFI, luxury kitchen. Parking place, weekly cleaning and 2 bikes - all FREE. Situated in a walking distance from all tourist attractions, market, shops, public transport.

Luxury house located in the historic heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with big terrase and private parking. From here it is easy to walk to the Guimera Theatre, the Auditorium of Music, visit the different museums and churches, eat in the local restaurants and go shopping in the town centre or at the main town Market. For those longer trips, you can find a tram stop, the bus station and the ferry terminal, five minutes walk away. For the nature and trekking lovers, Anaga Rural Park is a mere twenty minutes drive away and the Teide National Park is only forty minutes drive away. The house is more than one hundred years old and has been completely renovated and refurbished using high quality material and a modern design, such as the German Hansa taps, the Italian Salvarani kitchen, Bohimien crystal tiles on the bathroom walls, Italian Murano and Occhio lamps, Rosche Bobois bed, Italian and French curtains, fine quality wood and granite floor. At home there is information about the shopping, recommended restaurants. We invite you to your first breakfast. At home you will find milk, coffee, tea, bread, jam, butter and fruit. Also we have two bicycle and a baby cot.

The house is in a pedestrian street closed to traffic. Very close to the house are small food shops, about 5 minutes walk from the municipal market. In the city there is no beach. But about 10 minutes walking from the house is the Cesar Manrique Maritime Park with open pools with ocean water. It is ideal for relaxing in the family. The nearest beach (Playa de las Teresitas) is about 7 km from the house, is approximately 15 minutes by bus.

The flat is just great. Even better than on the pictures. Is very large, best (!) located in the small center of santa cruz's old town, with bars and restaurants nearby. We had a great time and are looking forward to return, what we'll do! Mario and Inesa are great hosts, flexible in time and of great help. Great place, great people, great vacation!

If a have to describe the flat in 3 word it will be GRANDIOSE, BEAUTIFUL, and LOVELY, what a beautiful house, if you like the picture of the flat wait to see the flat for real amazing. Inesa is such a nice person and Mario too, I rent the flat the day of my birthday Inesa bought for me some delicious sweet as a birthday gift. I enjoy every minute of my stay thank you so much Inesa and thank you Mario. If I come back in Santa cruz de Tenerife for sure I will stay again here.

We enjoyed our stay and were made to feel very welcome. The flat is very spacious and equipped to a high standard. We really liked our lazy afternoons on the roof terrace. Santa Cruz is the real Tenerife, we only heard a couple of other English voices during our stay and shopping at the market was great fun. Be sure not to miss the ice cream!

We thoroughly enjoyed Inesa's and Mario's house during our 15-days stay in Santa Cruz - everything so close, from bus stops, museums, restaurants, the Auditorio to the beautiful church across the street. The inside is practical, spacious, modern, tastefully decorated with a sense for details. We especially liked the terrace with a wonderful view of the city and the mountains, and the "laundry centre". Chairs for breakfast should be added, maybe another big umbrella. Inesa gave us a warm welcome and a good introduction into everything

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