Apartments for Rent las Americas Tenerife

Our penthouse has a large terrace with barbecue, panoramic views and modern decor with double 150.Tv,, Everything you need in kitchen and large bathroom. Surrounded by supermarkets, fruit shops, pharmacies, banks and the beach 300 meters.

This penthouse has a wooden ceiling, which is very cozy, has a washing machine, hair dryer, iron, ceiling fan in the room (URL HIDDEN) español.cocina Italian and gas, coffee maker, kettle and barbecue. great in the bedroom and sofa bed in the living room. Important no lift. 4th floor ..

The people of Christians, is a charming fishing village of origin and has evolved a lot in terms of tourism but maintains the charm of this town antaño..desde can take a ferry to the Isla de la Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro . and we have variety of bars and national and international restaurants. As well as large areas of daytime and evening entertainment.

The stay we had in the attic of Miriam was excellent .. no missing detail on the floor .. very cute and cozy, you felt at home. Not to mention the wonderful views, SPECTACULAR! .. So yes, if you're a stay here, get ready to get some good muscles in the legs

The apartment is amazing, especially the balcony with its sea view! The flat is very clean, spacious and close to the beach. The kitchen is fully equipped. Mirian is very kind and helped us to get to the airport in the early morning. I would definitely recommend this place to stay!

We just returned from a wonderful holiday! Mirian is very nice and kind. We greeted us upon our arrival along with Carlos, her husband, and we were immediately put at disposal the garage for the car. The penthouse on the 5th floor comes furnished all new, very clean and bright. The entire apartment is very functional, a bathroom with a lovely large shower, the room is very quiet bed, fully equipped kitchen where Mirian made us find the need for breakfast then the very well furnished room with large windows They open onto a terrace with a breathtaking view! the room on the crystal dining table a bottle of wine much appreciated by us. Wifi connection very good. The penthouse is located in a strategic location close to bars, restaurants, the harbor for boat trips and the playa de Las Vistas beautiful fine sand and a beautiful promenade with shops. Also within easy reach Las Americas. In Tenerife, Los Cristianos and Mirian thank you!

Miriam is a fantastic host. On the arrival, she was very helpful. Shown us everything that interested and worth to see around. We spend amazing time in her apartment. Fantastic view, incredible place. Polecamy wszystkim!

Generally, this flat made our trip amazing. The view to the sea is beautiful and the terrace is perfect for meals out in the sun. Cooking there was easy as the flat had all the necessary spices, tools, plates etc what you may need. The bath had everything you might have forgotten packing at home too. The location is 5 mins from playa de las americas and 3 mins away from the beach. We loved loved loved our stay there. Our plane arrived very late, but despite that we could arrange to meet to get the keys and settle in. I would like to say thank you again to Mirian and Carlos for making our trip so nice.

We have stayed in the apartment for 10 days. When we arrived at the airport south, we could take a bus to Los Cristianos. Mirian picked us up at the busstation so we did not had to walk to the apartment. She welcomed us very well! The apartment is well equiped and the view is more than amazing! REALLY RECOMMEND! It is close to every thing. It is a 3 minute walk to the beach and the closest supermarket is around the corner. We had trouble with the communication because we could not speak spanisch and her english was not that well. Also the first day, we did not had any water in the morning because other people in the building were useing the water too, but we just had to wait and after 20 minutes we could shower and doing the dishes again. BUT in short, we had an amazig stay! Thank you a lot!

Amazing host, the best ever! she knew was my partner's birthday and made her a nice surprise. The flat is in the best location as is close to bars, restaurants and shops. Walking distance to the beautiful beach as you can see in the photos.Also has breath taken views over the ocean. Good high specifications, clean and safe! Recommend it 100%! Thank you Miriam for your hosting!

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