Small Luxury Hotels Tenerife

Image courtesy of Hotel La Quinta RojaSouth-west coast of Tenerife offers an amazing cluster of world renowned and pricey five-star hotels. Set within expansive landscapes, they offer the top quality service and luxurious living conditions that have become a trademark of the island. Below is The Culture Trip guide to the best boutique, luxury and cultural hotels in Tenerife.

Hotel Rural La Quinta Roja

Former residence of the Marquesses, La Quinta Roja is now a hotel, providing one of the finest examples of the architecture from the island’s baroque period. The building dates back to the 16th century, and offers accommodation of three types: a standard double room, situated on the first floor and overlooking the street behind the hotel, the double plus that are larger in size, and the junior suites, located on the second floor overlooking the square and featuring individual sash windows. All rooms comprise of an en-suite bathroom, double beds, satellite TV, air-conditioning, toiletries and beach towel.

Price: expensive

Image courtesy of Hotel La Quinta Roja

Hotel Europe

Image courtesy of Hotel Vincci La Plantación del SurLocated amidst the mock Canarian village of Costa Adeje, the Gran Hotel Bahía Del Duque Resort is a family-friendly hotel that offers marvellous colonial-style interiors with bespoke furniture. Guests will enjoy a choice of eight restaurants, with dining options that range from the gourmet Las Aguas to the Chiringuito beach bar. The complex of the Gran Hotel Bahía Del Duque includes a spacious lobby, bedrooms and suites, and restaurants that are built around five swimming pools. With highly attentive yet unobtrusive service of staff members, your stay at Bahía Del Duque Resort will be full of charms and little pleasant explorations. Rooms are performed with canopies around beds and have an access to a terrace.

Parador de Las Cañadas del Teide

Parador de Las Cañadas del Teide is a hotel situated 2, 000 meters above sea level in a ten-mile wide volcanic crater in Teide National Park, in the heart of the Tenerife island. It offers a cosy mountain-lodge featuring wood furnishing and an exterior made from an exposed stone. The rooms are decorated with white walls and floral prints, dark-wood furniture and beige furnishings. The hotel has a telescope, which is used in a guided stargazing session every Friday. Parador de Las Cañadas has two restaurants with an excellent standard of food and creative dishes such as rabbit and goat.

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