Bonanza Aparthotel Tenerife

Many U Tour OperKators give the impression that the Costa Adeje is a Resort, when it is an area, just like the other Spanish Costas, and includes several resorts

Garajonay Apartments

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  • Swimming Pool
  • Apartment Lounge
  • Apartment Bedroom

Parque de Las Americas Apartments

Parque de Las Americas Apartments Pool


  • Situated in the cosmopolitan area of Costa Adeje
  • Only 150 meters from the beach
  • Very near to Bars, Restaurants, shops and beautiful nightlife
  • 150 metres from Costa Adeje (Playa de las Americas) Bus Station for both local and buses to all over Tenerife including the airports

Parque de Las Americas Apartments
Av Rafael Puig, Adeje, 38660

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The Los Geranios Aparthotel has both Studios & 1 bedroom apartments suitable for 2 Adults & 1 Child. The Accommodation have a kitchenette with 3 electic rings, fridge. They also have bath, shower, toilet, safety depoit and a balcony or terrace.

The swimming pool is lagoon styled with a childrens section.

The Los Geranios Aparthotel restaurant serves a buffet breakfast and an a la carte lunch.

The Los Geranios Aparthotel is located only 300 metres from the Puerto Colon beach, harbour & Marina, with the abundence of restaurants, bars and shops all along the sea front in the direction of Fanabe.

The main bus route runs along the main road on the inland side of the apartment complex. There are also restaurants, shops and bars, with quiet a few British bars around the cross roads. some are on the ground floor of the complex.

Los Geranios Aparthotel Los Geranios Aparthotel

The Bonanza is a very well known complex and lots of guests return here each year for their holidays in Tenerife. All the apartments are south facing and therefore benefit from maximum sunshine hours. All the units have been recently refurbished and are fully equipped with kitchenette, fridge and 2 rings, full bathroom with shower / bath, direct telephone, safe( for rent )and balcony or terrace looking over the garden or pool. TV ( without SAT channels ) can be rented at reception.

Apartments Club Bonanza
C/ Venezuela, 10 Playa de Las Américas Adeje 38660

Located a few hundred meters from the beach. Near Restaurants, Bars, in a tranquil environment. Bonanza is a very attractive place to stay for families and couples wishing to have easy reach to restaurants, bars and shops in a tranquil environment.

There are 3 Paraiso del Sol low rise complexes, I, II & III. located next to each other all with a rectangular swimminh pool

All units dispose of a fully equiped kichenette with fridge and 2 rings, full bathroom with shower/bath, tv with local channels (for rent at reception)and safe for rent, balcony or terrace overlooking the garden or pool.

Cleaning 5 per week, change of linen 2 per week and of towels 3 per week. Pleasant restaurant serving buffet breakfast and dinner, the Surf bar offers a large range of snacks during day time and at night, we offer entertainment programmes. Weekly evening entertainment as occasionally BBQ evening, karaoke night thematic night and shows.T.v with satellite and sports in the Surf bar.

outdoor fresh waterpools, 1 children pool, children playground, sun terrace with sunbeds and umbrellas, table tennis, pool tables, daily animation programme with different sport activities and internet corner.

Apartments Paraiso
Avenida V. Centenario, 7 Costa Adeje 38660

  • Located only 400 metres from Playa deTroya
  • Night life of Playa de las Americas only 500 metres.
  • Bus Station 200 metres
  • Siam park 800 metres
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